Two Arm Binomial Program

Help Tips
  1. Select the type of calculation. You may choose either to calculate power (default) or total sample size.
  2. If you change the type of calculation, press the Change Type of Calculation button.
  3. Boxes with a yellow background are for your input. Boxes with a blue background are calculated by the program.
    • If you are calculating power, enter a sample size in the total sample size text box. Values in the power text box are ignored.
    • Likewise, if you are calculating sample size, a value in the total sample size text box is ignored. Enter a power in the power text box.
  4. Select test type: Choose either to make a one-sided (default) or two-side test.
  5. Enter values for P1, P2, alpha (default .05), and power. These values must be in the open interval (0,1).
  6. Enter a value for the sample size ratio 2-1 (default 1.0). It must be positive.
  7. Do not use comma separators for numbers (eg. enter '1000', not '1,000').
  8. Press the Calculate button to make the calculation for power or total sample size.