Two Arm Survival Sample Size and Power

Program Code

Two Arm Survival is written in JavaScript.


Bernstein D and Lagakos SW (1978). Sample size and power determination for stratified clinical trials. Journal of Statistical Computation Simulation 8:65-73.

The formulas are based on the assumptions of uniform accrual over time, no loss to follow-up, exponentially distributed death times, and use of the exponential MLE test.

Running the Program

The user is prompted for the type of calculation to be performed, either estimate sample size required or estimate power, input type survival proportion or hazard rates, and the number of strata (maximum 6). The default is to estimate the sample size, using hazard rates for a single stratum. The user is then prompted for the input listed below. All input must be in terms of the same time units. Some input items have initial default values.

Input Items

The user is prompted for values to the following items. For items that have initial default values set, the values are given in parentheses.


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