Survival Program


  1. Select the type of calculation. You may choose either to enter hazard rates(default) or survial proportions.
  2. Select the type of input. You may choose either to calculate power (default) or total sample size.
  3. Enter the number of strata(default is 1). If you have changed any of the defaults for type of calculation, type of input, or number of strata, press Change types or strata to configure the remainder of the inputs.
  4. Boxes with a yellow background are for your input. Boxes with a blue background are calculated by the program. Boxes with a red background do not apply to this type of calculation.
    • If you are calculating power, enter an accrual rate. Values in the power text box are ignored.
    • Likewise, if you are calculating accrual rate, a value in the accrual rate text box is ignored. Enter a power in the power text box.
  5. Select test type: Choose either to make a one-sided (default) or two-side test.
  6. Enter values for years of accrual, years follow-up, proportion in standard group, and alpha (default .05). These years must be nonnegative and proportions in the closed interval [0,1].
  7. Enter values for hazard rate, standard; hazard ratio, proportion surviving, and survival time entries as indicated, according to your type of calculation.
  8. If number of strata is greater than 1, then enter proportion for each strata except the last one which is calculated for you.
  9. Do not use comma separators for numbers (eg. enter '1000', not '1,000').
  10. Press the Calculate button to make the calculations.