Expected Events (1 Arm)

This program calculates the expected number of events for a planned study. The program assumes uniform accrual and exponential survival. It allows the user to specify a follow-up period after the close of study accrual. The program default presents a table of results. Alternatively, user can calculate the expected proportion of events at a given time, or the time at which a given proportion of events have occurred. The program will allow the user to specify a percentage of patients that have no risk ('Cures').

User Input
Program Output

Select Type of Calculation

Make a table of expected event information
Calculate expected events for a given analysis time
Calculate analysis time for a given proportion of total events

Input: Hazard or Survival Probability

Input survival probability at time t
Input hazard Rate

Study Specifications (only data required if the 1st calculation option is chosen)

Accrual Time
Follow-up Time
Sample Size

Survival Probability at Time
Hazard Rate
Percent Cured

Analysis Time and Expected Events (for the 2nd and 3rd calculation options)

Analysis Time
Percent of Total Events at Analysis Time
Events at Analysis Time
Total Events at Acc+Fol Time