One Arm Expected Events

This program calculates the expected number of events for a planned study. The program assumes uniform accrual and exponential survival. It allows the user to specify a follow-up period after the close of study accrual. The program default presents a table of results. Alternatively, user can calculate the expected proportion of events at a given time, or the time at which a given proportion of events have occurred. The program will allow the user to specify a percentage of patients that have no risk ('Cures').

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User Input
Program Output

Select Type of Calculation

Input: Hazard or Survival Probability

Sample Size
Hazard Rate
Survival Probability (Uncured Patients)
at Time
Median Survival
Proportion Cured
Accrual Time
Follow-up Time after Accrual Period
Analysis Time
Select Time Unit for Input
Proportion of Total Events at Analysis Time
Show Survival for Cure Model